I’m Niki! Here’s a little about me..

I have a background as a runner, I ran cross country and middle distance track from middle school through college where I competed at the Division 1 level.. I haven’t run much long distance since graduation in 2013, which is crazy since it was such a huge part of my life! I now do more HIIT interval training, yoga and my own workouts, mainly my Get Fit Guide!

I’m an ACE Certified personal trainer as well as Holistic Nutrition Coach!

I have a degree in theater and a minor in art history. Going to Italy and seeing all the art and architecture is a dream of mine. Especially from the renaissance and baroque periods.. and all the others of course!

I love being active! Working out always puts me in a better mood and I want to share that joy with others! I became a trainer to spread my love of fitness and positivity and this blog is an extension of that!

I would live in Disney World if that was an option! As long as I was allowed a few days out to hit the beach or hike in the mountains. Those are my favorite places to be!

I love to read.. a good book will keep be up late into the night until I can’t keep my eyes open!

I can lose hours at a time playing video games if I allow myself, Kingdom Hearts and Minecraft are 2 of my favorites.

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