The Sugar Detox

Let’s be honest,  holidays are an easy to time over indulge and I had wayyyy too much candy, chocolate and other treats over Easter. And if we’re really getting real here, Easter coincided with my time of the month and that encouraged me to let Easter indulgences last for about a week and a half. […]

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My Wellness Routine

Happy Monday friends! Or whatever day it is when you read this! I promised a blog post outlining my wellness routine last week and I’m finally getting around to typing it out! When I really sat down to think about it, I do a lot of small things daily or weekly that add up to […]

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5 Health Foods to Avoid

Choosing healthy food at the grocery store can be tough! There are so many options, and with people wanting to get fit and feel better, marketers have started trying to make their products seem like the perfect choice for healthy living, even if they’re really not. It can be confusing! Luckily all it takes is a […]

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