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Happy Friday! Today’s workout is a nice little combo of HIIT and ab work. It’s similar to something I would do on my The Get Fit Guide HIIT days! And I have to mention that the Get Fit Guide is one video away from being completely YouTube style follow along videos along with the e-book […]

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Here we are already at another Friday, it’s crazy to me how quickly these follow alongs come up every week! But also exciting because I lovee sharing them! One of the many reasons I’ve been making the entire Get Fit Guide into a series of follow alongs YouTube style! Those workouts are challenging and each about […]

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Happy Follow Along Friday, everyone! That means you can do this entire lovely workout with me in the video below or on my YouTube channel (also SugarySixPack). I did this as my Get Fit Guide cardio today! It’s always nice to switch things up or add a little more challenge, (aka the weights) so if […]

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Soo most people LOVE cardio. Am I right? Not! When I train my in person clients I usually request one thing. That they workout 2 more times during the week when I’m not with them. I excitedly explain how they don’t even have to go the the gym, they can do a quick and effective HIIT […]

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