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Ok! It’s about to be the shortest post ever because I’m trying to leave and beat the roads icing and sleet starting! Apparently I didn’t look at the weather before making plans to travel back home and it’s one of our very rare freezing sleet days! Yay! Right now it’s still just rain and I’m […]

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It’s time to sweeeat! This workout can be done with or without weights, with water bottles, cans etc. Whatever you have! If you use weights, make sure they are light! We’re going to be moving them around at a pretty quick pace so we don’t want anything too heavy. I have 5 lb little plates […]

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Welcome to today’s wonderfully sweaty lower body HIIT workout! Yay! All you need for this is a (sturdy) chair, box or bench so get excited for some fat blasting fun! 😀 As I often do with these follow along workouts, I used this one as my The Get Fit Guide HIIT today! I’m training on […]

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