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Welcome to a super quick but super targeted workout! It’s all about the back! It’s great for when you’re short on time and for pairing up with another one of my YouTube (Sugarysixpack – niki) videos! You can add another upper body targeted workout or pair it with some lower body for a more total […]

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Happy Friday Everyone! You may have noticed but every week I do #followalongfriday and add a little post to go with it 😀 This is week’s is a super quick workout that targets your shoulders and abs! So grab a light-ish pair of dumbbells and let’s go! We all have days every once in a […]

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Welcome to the totally toning resistance band upper body workout! You’re going to work all over your upper body with this workout. It’s great! The only equipment you need is some resistance bands. These are awesome because you can take them anywhere! They easily rollup in your suitcase without taking much space you can still […]

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